Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~Mountain Magick~

~Mountain Magic~ What is it? Is it, an it? There are many forms of Mountain magic. It is commonly thought of as Mountain Folklore. And there are many Mountain superstitions that have been passed down through the ages, from the Mountain Folk. Mountain superstitions are a big part of some families living in the Appalachian region of East Tennessee.

There are a TON of superstitions to read through at this site : 

I love reading superstitions, and I must say there are quite a few on this list, that have been passed down to me, from my family generations. To name a few. 

3. If your nose starts itching company is coming
7. Petting a calico is considered good luck. Better luck if it is a stray and you give it a home. ( I remember as a child, on my Grandmothers farm, we had a stray calico show up one day. It let me pet it, my Grandmother let me keep it, saying she was good luck. We had many generations of kittens from her :) )

 #8 too. Even though, I think it does not ring true if a bat enters the home. I think bats are good omens. Yes, I've had a bat or two fly into my home a time or two. lol

No hats on the bed. There are just so many that I was constantly told growing up...crickets in the house is good luck. Don't get up on the opposite side of the bed you get in. Don't leave the house from a different door than you entered...It's bad luck to close a knife you did not open, and also if giving a knife as a gift, also add a nickle or dime, so as not to *cut* the friendship/relationship.

 There are many many more Mountain folklores that are fun to explore.

Mountain Medicine is another. In this website there are a lot of Granny Witch remedies for the common cold and ailments. 

Mountains are influential in Feng Shui as well. I like working with Feng Shui in my home, to help balance the chi and let it flow as naturally as possible. Our outside surroundings, can also have big impacts and influences on us. In this article, it talks about the influence, different shaped mountains can have on our daily lives. 

For me there is nothing that gets my inner witch stirring than when the water element meets the Earth element of the Mountains, with the Sun shining down warming one with the element of Fire, and having a nice soft breeze run through my hair...It is one place where All the elements can meet together, and for me this is a recharging experience.
With every Mountain comes different superstitions, and different stories that have been past down the ages. From the wee people, to the sheep eaters, from so called mummies that have been found, but then lost, or stolen. It just depends on where you are. Of course there are always talk and legends of the lost gold people have lost, or the ones that went missing. Ghosts of people past.

We spent a long weekend on the mountain this weekend for Spring Break. We have all been recharged, and ready to finish out the last of the school year now, getting ready for summer. It was still chilly this time of year, up there. But the spring birds, are definitely starting to flutter. We watched Blue Birds fighting, magpies flying, Hawks, Eagles, seen a lot of deer and chipmunks. While it is always good to get up there and recharge, it is still nice to be home, to our own nice, warm beds too.

Magickal Mountain Magicks to you. What is in your surroundings, that effect your feng shui?

Blessings )0(  

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